Ddepartment of Shapeshifters

The Official wiki of the Ddepartment Of Shapeshifters. Browse endless hordes of archived information on the Ddepartment, it's detectives, it's cases and even some personal 'leaked' information.

Also within here you should find all the details needed to make your visit and stay on Terra as comfortable and manageable as possible.

History of the Ddepartment

The Ddepartment of Shapeshifters was founded in 1896 by Gerald Fitzgerald Fitz of York. After his discovery of the Atomic Plumb Gerald founded the Ddepartment in an attempt to protect Terra, Hooman's and all of the universe against whatever forces were lurking out there. Shockingly, when the Floppians invaded earth in search of the Atomic Plumb, Gerald Fitzgerald Fitz was able to strike a truce of peace with the Floppians. It was from this day that the Ddepartment was designated by Queen Victoria to keep a watchful eye over the Floppians and ensure the secrecy of the Floppians on Terra.

Queen Victoria also charged the Ddepartment with the task of finding and locating other life forms within the universe, in the hope that she could communicate with them and discover 'new types of porridge'.

The Ddepartment would not discover anything new until 1925, when a radio message was scrambled through an intergalactic network by pure chance. Upon hearing said radio message, many refugee lifeforms fled for Terra. This led to the Border act, decreed by King George V, opening Terra's borders to all Interplanetary craft & terrastrials. The Ddepratment was charged by King George V to oversee the safe and secret transition of this refugee lifeforms into Terra everyday life and it's community.


The Ddepartment has gone through significant changes and branches throughout its long tenure. The London branch is considered the 'central' core base of the Ddepartment however it is the York branch that was founded first. A

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